An Inside Look At Deadly Landscaping Sins: Sinners Take Note!

Religion and society tell us that we are all sinners. There are certain things that we don’t do right, but when we come to our senses and repent, we are forgiven.

As a landscaper, there are often things that you do, and regard them as ‘landscaping mistakes.’ What you might not know is that some of these things are too huge, and regarding theme as meagre mistakes is often an understatement. Landscaping experts call them landscaping sins.

Therefore, the reason why you have been trying your hand on landscaping without success is because you have been engaging in landscaping sins, and you haven’t found a way to ‘repent.’ Luckily for you, we shall explore the common sins you have been committing, and what you need to do to be ‘forgiven’ and realize the outdoor space of your dreams.

1. Lust

Also known as lechery, lust is the sin of including too much artwork in your landscape. If you have been having an unbridled desire to add as many elements as you can in your backyard, and you never know when to stop, then you are guilty of lust.

Lust includes overuse or inappropriate use of yard ornamentation. That said, can you see too many flowers, birdbaths, and ceramic figures in your garden? That is lust!

Also, this sin also includes over improvements to your landscape. Therefore, if you have a huge fountain, ten birdbaths, and dozens of flowers in a small piece of land, you need to change your ways right now!

To avoid lust, ensure you do everything in moderation. Have a solid plan in place, and follow it to the letter.

2. Greed

This sin is also referred to as covetousness or avarice, and is basically a sin of excess. It is an extreme pursuit of material possessions. In landscaping, this include having too many high-end elements. To avoid this, make sure you work with a professional landscaping expert, who will help you choose what you need to make your outdoor space outstanding.

3. Envy

This sin is similar to greed, since it refers to the excessive desire for material things. It is often symbolized by a disconnect towards a person’s current situation. Envious individuals has the tendency to feel inferior whenever they see something that they cannot have for some reason.

In landscaping, envy involves using things that should not be used, such as using car tires as planters. Also, it includes creating and maintaining inappropriate focal points.

4. Wrath

Also known as rage, wrath is uncontrolled or inordinate feelings of anger and hatred. It often consist of violent and destructive behaviour. In landscaping, wrath manifest itself in form of unnecessary pruning and cutting down trees for no reason.

To fight this vice, ensure you work with a professional landscaping expert to help you choose the best plants for your space, and for maintenance services.

5. Sloth

Basically, sloth is physical laziness. This is a deadly affliction that can damage your outdoor space, invite deadly pests such as snakes, and drop the overall value of your home.

In landscaping, this sin manifests itself in form of not offering regular maintenance to the yard, and failing to landscape.

6. Pride

This is, without a doubt, the biggest sin of landscaping. It is basically an unnatural elevated belief in oneself. With pride, you will find it hard to work with professional landscapers, and eventually, you will be guilty of all the other sins outlined above.

Despite these sins being lethal, it is never too late to gain salvation from them. One of the best things you can do to get mercy from the landscaping gods is to work with a professional landscaper. Hire the best to do landscaping and offer maintenance services. All is not lost, hire an expert now!